Here is an overview of the various projects, completed or under completion, by the companies working under the umbrella of Maxim Properties:
Projects in Karachi

Projects in Lahore

We take an independent and individual approach to developments, because we understand that each client we are building for is an individual with his own inimitable needs. This approach is backed by a solid understanding of the creation of beautiful and functional masterpieces, enriched with years of experience.

We strive for timely delivery of each project; from small homes to large-scale residential and commercial projects. We do this by harnessing the energy and intelligence of everyone who works with us.

Lahore has been another centre of activity for Maxim Properties for the last ten years and our presence in Real Estate sector has achieved substantial gains. More than three dozen units developed and marketed on 1 canal and 2 canal plots have been delivered so far in Defense area of Lahore. These villas are built on:

(i) Our own plots
(ii) Clients’ plots

Against number (i) above, we buy plots, design, construct the house and then market it. In this approach, our houses sell like hot cakes and we have a long list of local and as well as overseas satisfied buyers.

Against number 2, where the client owns the plots and provide building materials and watchmen. Our entire competent team comprising civil workers, sanitary, electricians, carpenter, and painters etc., is engaged with zeal and we charge just 15% percent as our service charges against the material and labour cost.

Our expertise in bulk-buying and timely delivery of the projects brings substantial savings to our clients and our clients never feel the 15% service charges as a burden. Rather they get their houses built to the best ideas and specifications at a much lower cost, quoting per square feet cost which presently is around Rs. 2000/- per Sq. ft. to those clients who enter in agreement with us against above conditions. We do not charge anything untill the pouring of the first ceiling of the house and we give our client a leverage to part ways with us if he is not satisfied with the progress and the quality of the work. This approach has brought fruits and a number of clients has asked us the homes that will remain their homes forever. So far, in the past ten years, there is not a single example where any client has parted ways with us.

The list of renowned clients include:

Ms. Sameena Ghurki (MNA)
Ms. Erum Sajjad Gul (Leading Lawyer)
Mr. Raja Mazhar Hayat (Seasoned politician)
Mr. Shaikh Tahir of Lahore Store (Businessman)
Mr. Hamid Mehmood of Alpha Hardware (Businessman)
Mr. Zoraiz Lashari (Agriculturist / Businessman)
Mr. Athar Butt (Professional Manager)
Mr. Rizwan Ghani (Professional Manager)
The above are the few famous names of satisfied customers from all walks of life and it shows their unwavering trust in the name of Maxim Properties.

The growth of housing and construction industry in Pakistan has been typical that of a developing country. In view of a high rate of population growth and continuous influx from rural to urban areas, Pakistan faces a perpetual shortage of housing.


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