Maxim Properties is a corporate umbrella under which these development and construction companies work:


Whatever may be the nature of a project or its product mix, it has to begin on the proverbial drawing board (now fully transformed into a computerized version) along with preparation of technical and financial feasibilities. We go about planning our projects in the same way with primary consideration of the area of the land acquired for the project, location of the land, and the nature of the project in accordance with the profile of prospective customers. However, planning does not remain restricted to these basic aspects. Our expert town planners and architects are not only highly qualified and experienced but also fully aware of modern day housing needs and international quality standards. Thus, every project planned by our companies is cost-efficient for both the builders and the customers and, at the same time, it is also commensurate to international trends and standards.


After the planning is completed and thoroughly vetted, the next phase is to take the project from the drawing board to the ground. This second phase is that of development i.e. making the land ready for construction with the provision of infrastructure for utility services, road network within the project (if required) and common amenities for the future occupants of the project. In case of a housing project that comprises plots, the project and its individual plots are developed and readied for construction and then the possession of these plots is handed over to the respective customers so that they may build their houses / buildings according to the plans and specifications of their own choice. In case of projects comprising apartment complexes, residential-cum-commercial buildings, shopping malls etc., development is followed by actual construction. To carry out land development to optimum standards, our companies possess both high quality human resource and equipment.


According to our practices in the realm of construction, stringent quality control on materials and workmanship is of core importance. Basically, our site and offsite engineers, architects, construction managers, surveyors, site supervisors and other technical staff work in cohesion to ensure this quality control. Execution or actual works are contracted out to pre-qualified contractors having high levels of experience and expertise along with top of the line equipment. While we have the great advantage of high-skilled but relatively cheap construction labour in Pakistan, the choice of building materials is always a tricky one because of a horde of brands offering from low to medium, high and premium quality. Our selection of building materials ranges from medium to premium quality, according to the profile of the concerned project. However, it is a given that we do not compromise on the cost-efficiency and durability of a project, whether it is in the economy category or luxury.

Legal Affairs

Undertaking a real estate project of any nature require fulfillment of many legal formalities and completion of regulatory procedures from the day one and these legal affairs continue until the project is completed and physically handed over to its customers. First of all, as soon as any of our companies acquires land from the open market it is got legally approved from the concerned authorities. Then, across different stages of development and construction, permissions and approvals are secured from a number of civic and regulatory bodies, and finally a No Objection is obtained from the Karachi Building Control Authority for the advertising and sale of the project. To professionally and efficiently take care of all these legal affairs, our companies maintain their permanent legal departments as well as retain panels of high-profile legal consultants.

The growth of housing and construction industry in Pakistan has been typical that of a developing country. In view of a high rate of population growth and continuous influx from rural to urban areas, Pakistan faces a perpetual shortage of housing.


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